Learn how to build a bet​ter you.

The Youth Empowerment, Education and Resources Program serves youth in order to instill a sense of self-worth in our youth that would work against anxiety, self-doubt, depression, and idleness, thus provoking responsibility in students to empower themselves through knowledge. Educating and empowering students to view themselves as an investment will encourage them to: seek knowledge/resources, educate others, recommend resources available to those in their community (such as The YEER Program), and much more.  YEER covers 8 major concepts: Reproductive Anatomy, STI/HIV Prevention, Social Factors, Communication, Self-Investment, Power, Advocacy and Community Leadership.  

Additional packages are available for specialized support.

How can I be a ​part of YEER?                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

There's been a rise in STI and HIV rates in teens in Metro Detroit. The YEER Program will address the dangers and complications STIs can bring and how to prevent contraction/spreading. 

Health literacy is often an overlooked subject in teens and adults alike, but YEER interjects to stress the importance of responsibility-to-self. This means that you share a responsibility to yourself to  learn of conditions, medications/treatments, patient rights, etc. that pertain to you; be prepared to discuss important questions and concerns with your healthcare professional.